Our motto:

It's nice to be important, but it's more important to  be nice.

Texas Our Little Miss is a division of Our Little Miss, a family organization that has proudly been hosting natural, scholarship pageants for over 50 years.  Girls are encouraged to be themselves and learn wonderful developmental skills like self-confidence, stage presence, communication and poise.  We encourage family participation and our events are guaranteed to leave everyone with new friends and lasting memories. 


College scholarship awards have played an important role in the Our Little Miss program. Since 1964 over 1,000 girls have earned scholarship funds from the State and World pageants and have enrolled in universities worldwide.


Because parents play an important role when a child is in any competition, the family relationship is nurtured, especially that of the mother and daughter (and some Dads even!). The pageant system does not condone stage parenting; the child must truly want to be a participant, enabling them in their conviction, confidence and inner and outer beauty.
We hold Texas preliminary pageants throughout the year and the state. Our Little Miss has two seasons; Beauty and Official. The difference between the two is that Official season includes a talent portion that is required for ages 7 and up. There are two world competitions each year, one in July (Official) and one in January (Beauty). Winners of our state competitions will go on to represent Texas at the World pageant along with anyone else who wants to compete and represent Texas.


To get started, find a Preliminary Pageant near you.

For more information about the organization, you can go to or go to the Our Little Miss Facebook Page.

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